Meadow Willow

Meadow Willow Salix PetriolarisMeadow willow (Salix petiolaris) can be found through north central and eastern Iowa.

Hardiness: Zones 3 through 8

Growth Rate: Moderate

Mature Shape: A low growing, clumped shrub with slender, upraised stems

Height: 10 feet

Width: 10 feet

Site Requirements: Full sun; tolerates clay, loam, sand acidic, alkaline, and well drained soil

Flowering Dates: May - June

Seed Dispersal Dates: June - July

Seed Bearing Age: Optimum seed bearing between 8 and 25 years 

Seed Bearing Frequency: Yearly

Seed Stratification: Seeds disperse in the spring and immediately germinate. No stratification period is needed.