Natural Resources Stewardship Contacts

Drinking Water Testing

Are you concerned about nitrate or bacteria in your private well?  Has it been more than a year since your well was tested? It is important to test private wells used for human and livestock drinking water every year or when a natural event or problem has occurred such as flooding near the well or changes in taste and odor.

soil and water conservation

Protecting soil and water resources or addressing issues such as soil erosion, fertilizer and manure management, or improving water quality can be a daunting task.  State and federal agencies have many knowledgeable people and financial and technical assistance programs available to help private landowners address their concerns and meet soil and water goals.


Are you interested in building a pond on your property? Are you interested in learning more about aquatic invasive species or finding out about fish management? The fisheries contacts in this category can help you find answers to your questions.


Are you interested in managing your existing forestland for financial return, wildlife habitat, recreation, or aesthetics? Are you looking to establish new forest through seedling or nut plantings? The forestry contacts provided within are your keys to successful, sustainable forestry projects - from financial assistance, planning, and planting, to long-term management, timber harvest, and forest product utilization. If you do not find a sawmill in the contacts list for your county, please look at additional sawmills listed in our directory of wood processors.

urban forestry

Are you a home or business owner in need of tree pruning, removal, plant health care, or other arboricultural services? Do you represent a community seeking to enhance its urban forest resource through strategic planning and initiatives? Need to identify a tree disease or insect issue? Certified Arborists, the IDNR Urban Forestry Program, and University Extension are your keys to successful, sustainable urban forestry projects. If you do not find a sawmill in the contacts list for your county, please look at additional sawmills listed in our directory of wood processors.

General Regional Wildlife Information

Do you have questions about your local wildlife populations or their habitats? Want to find someone to help with local educational or outreach programs? Want to learn where to see and enjoy wildlife and the outdoors in your home county?

Wildlife Conflict Resolution

Do you have issues with wildlife being where they’re not welcome? In the attic? In the garden or crop fields? If the resources on this website for dealing with Problem Wildlife weren’t enough, you may need some professional help. 

Wildlife Habitat Programs and Consultation

Are you interested in improving your land for wildlife? Want to learn about and gain access to a broad portfolio of state and federal financial support for wildlife habitat projects? Contact a professional wildlife biologist, conservationist, or forester in these categories to improve you land for wildlife and take advantage of the expertise and financial resources available to achieve your goals.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Have you found a sick or injured critter? Captured something inside during the winter time that won’t survive outside? Wildlife rehabilitators in Iowa are licensed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and can take and in some cases capture and transport injured wildlife. This section provides contact information for the licensed wildlife rehabilitators in each county.

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