Women's Woodland Stewardship Network

Six women standing in a circle on a trail in the woods
Female foresters at the Amana Nature Trail

The Women's Woodland Stewardship Network (WWSN) seeks to empower women to become more involved in woodland stewardship and forestry-related activities in Iowa. The program supports women by giving them the knowledge to be active in woodland management decision-making and expanding their connections with other women who own or have influence over woodlands in Iowa. All women who are interested in woodland stewardship are encouraged to participate.

Events for this program are designed to help women get to know each other and learn about the great work other women are doing to support woodland stewardship. Women-centered events provide a unique environment where women have the opportunity to gain a sense of solidarity and feel inspired by the experiences and perspectives of other women. A variety of events are offered through this program including woodland walks, social learning and networking events, and workshops.

WWSN is made possible by close partnerships with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry staff, the National Wild Turkey Federation, multiple private forestry consultants, and various private landowners across the state. 

Questions about WWSN can be directed to the program coordinator Julia Baker.