Iowa Association of Naturalists Publication Series

The Iowa Association of Naturalists Publication Series was a collaborative effort between ISU Wildlife Extension, the Iowa Association of Naturalists and other natural resource professionals in the state to develop a comprehensive series of articles on Iowa's natural environments.  The series included 40 individual articles in seven general categories that covered topics ranging from basic plant and wildlife identification and biology to environmental and conservation challenges.  Though some of these articles are out of date, many still serve as outstanding references for learning about Iowa's ecosystems and the plants and animals that inhabit them.

Here we have provided links to download PDF's of those articles in the series that are still relevant and important today. 

Iowa Wildlife

  • Iowa Mammals Information on mammal families, unique adaptations mammals have made to live in Iowa, economic impact of Iowa mammals, and wildlife protection and management (1998).
  • Iowa Nesting Birds Information on birds that breed in Iowa during the summertime and recommendations for attracting them to your yard and protecting them during the nesting season (1998).
  • Iowa Winter Birds Information on how and why some birds spend their winters in Iowa and on what Iowans can do to attract them and protect them during winter (1998).
  • Iowa Reptiles and Amphibians Information about frogs, salamanders, toads, snakes, and turtles that inhabit the lakes, ponds, rivers, and woodlands of Iowa (1998).
  • Iowa Fish Information about the wide variety of fish found in waterways throughout the state, the impacts of water quality on fish, and how fish are managed in Iowa (1998).
  • Iowa Insects, Spiders, and Other Invertebrates Information about the life cycles, identification, and habitats of Iowa's invertebrate life and their importance to other wildlife in the state (1998).  

Iowa Wildlife and People

  • Iowa Wildlife Management Learn about the principles of habitat management, population dynamics, exotic species, and wildlife diversity that underlay wildlife management in Iowa (1996).
  • Keeping Iowa Wildlife Wild Learn general information about Iowa's wildlife and what to do if you find an injured animal or have an uninvited wild animal around your home (1995). 
  • Misconceptions About Iowa Wildlife Find answers to long-standing misconceptions about wild animals from spiders to large mammals (1995).  
  • Iowa Biodiversity Information on how Iowa's rich biodiversity strengthens the stability of our natural ecosystems on which humans depend (1995).
  • Iowa Food Webs and Other Interrelationships Information about food webs, such as the relationships between predators and prey, and how they are affected by human interactions in Iowa (1995). 
  • Natural Cycles in Iowa Learn about how natural water, gas, sedimentary material, and nutrients cycle through the living and non-living parts of Iowa's ecosystems (1995).
  • Adapting to Iowa Learn about how the transitional environments of Iowa have fostered unique adaptations of a wide variety of animals and plants (1995). 
  • State Symbols of Iowa Information on the flower, bird, tree, and rock that Iowa has identified as symbols of the the state because of their importance to Iowa's natural resources and Iowans (1995). 

Iowa Plants

Iowa's Biological Communities

  • Iowa's Biological Communities An overview of the woodland, prairie, wetland, and waterway biological communities in Iowa (1993).
  • Iowa Woodlands Information about woodlands, plants, and animals of Iowa woodlands, woodland ecology, and people and woodlands (2002). 
  • Iowa Prairies Information on types of prairies, plants of Iowa prairies, wildlife of Iowa prairies, prairie ecology, people and prairies, and managing Iowa prairies (2001). 
  • Iowa Wetlands Information about wetlands, plants and animals that live in Iowa wetlands, wetland ecology, how people affect wetlands, and what we can do to protect wetland environments (2001). 
  • Iowa Waterways Information about a variety of different waterway communities that are found in Iowa, as well as the plants and animals that live in these communities (1993). 

Iowa's Natural Resource Heritage

  • Important Iowa Conservationists Learn about the work of many of Iowa's late conservation Icons including John Lacey, Bohumil Shimek, Ada Hayden, Paul Errington, "Ding" Darling, Aldo Leopold, and others (1995). 

Iowa Physical Environment

  • Iowa Weather Learn about how Iowa's weather affects agriculture, health, culture, recreation, energy, and wildlife in the state (1999). 
  • Iowa Geology and Fossils Information on the geologic history of Iowa and the stories of our history contained in the minerals, rocks, and fossils around the state (1999).
  • Iowa Soils Learn what Iowa's soils are made of and how to identify and conserve soils (1999).