2018 Spring Watershed Academy Resources, Presentations and Handouts


Land Acquisition and Easement Policies

Lisa Hein, Senior Director for Conservation Programs (Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation) gave a presentation on landowner's options when dealing with real estate and estate planning. 

Practice Bid, Construction Inspection and Closeout

Jacob Groth (NRCS Resource Conservationist) and Jeff Lutz (NRCS Civil Engineering Technician) discussed the construction process for conservation practices.

Spring Watershed Academy at ISU Demonstration Farm, Nashua, IA

A presentation on the creation of a saturated buffer, denitrifying bioreactor and shallow wetland. 

Construction Inspection Plan Handouts

Construction Inspection Plan: Denitrifying Bioreactor

Construction Inspection Plan: Saturated Buffer

Construction Inspection Plan: Dike for Wetland


2018 Spring Watershed Academy Agenda