Programs for Youth

Water Rocks!

Grounded in sound science, integrating music and the arts throughout, Water Rocks! challenges and inspires the next generation towards a greater appreciation of Iowa’s water, soil, and other natural resources. Water Rocks! offers school presentations for Grades K-12, professional development training workshops for teachers, and 100+ music videos guaranteed to inspire laughter and learning. Learn more about Water Rocks!

Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) in 4-H

The WHEP (National Wildlife Habitat Education Program) is a hands-on youth environmental education program. WHEP also provides participants an opportunity to test their wildlife knowledge in a friendly competition, as each state supporting WHEP conducts an annual contest where teams of 3-4 similarly aged individuals gather. The winning senior (14-19 years of age) WHEP team from each state earns the right to attend the annual National WHEP Contest, typically held the last full week of July. The national contest moves to a different state each year. Learn more about Iowa WHEP.

Safety and Education in 4-H Shooting Sports (SESS)

4-H Safety and Education in Shooting Sports uses skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people and their leaders in obtaining knowledge and developing life skills. Youth learn safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment including sound decision making, self-discipline, and concentration, while promoting the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior. SESS encourages the understanding of our natural resources and development of a personal environmental stewardship ethic through participation in shooting, hunting, and related activities. Learn more about Iowa 4-H SESS.