Pollinator Fest 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Come to Reiman Gardens for Pollinator Fest and join us as we celebrate National Pollinator Week. Visit a variety of fun and educational displays, including live pollinators and plants, and interactive pollinator-themed activities. This event will happen rain or shine.

Pollinator Fest Activities:

  • Pollinator Video
  • Pollinator Posters
  • Insect Zoo
  • Pollinator Crafts
  • Monarch Mayhem!
  • Talk Like A Bee! Honey Bee Dance Language
  • Live Honey Bees: Observation Hive and Pet-A-Drone
  • Native Bees: Friends Who Make Us Food
  • Bee Anatomy and Bee Stings
  • Wasp Love: The Beauty of Paper Wasps and their Nests
  • Eat Like a Bee! Pollinator Diet: Pollen and Honey Tasting
  • Integrated Pest Management and Pollinators
  • Butterfly Rearing
  • Honey Bees and the Iowa Honey Queen
  • Pollinators and Safe Use of Pesticides
  • Catch-Your-Own Wild Pollinator!
  • Plant, Grow, Fly
  • People for Pollinators
  • Flashy Pollinators