Dr. Joe E Morris

Photograph of Joe Morris

Dr. Morris’s research focus on two general fisheries topics, aquaculture and pond management. The aquaculture research focuses on the fish species appropriate for the Midwest.  Fisheries research focuses on fisheries management, aquatic vegetation management, water quality issues as well as general aquatic ecology questions. A unique aspect of Morris’s integrated extension/outreach and research program is his role as Associate Director of the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) where he manages and leads various extension/outreach programming activities from this important federally supported entity. NCRAC's mission is to enhance aquaculture through education, research, and technology transfer to support a sustainable profitable industry.

Area of Expertise: 
Ph.D., Mississippi State, 1988
M.S., Texas A&M, 1982
B.S., Iowa State University, 1979