The Halo Effect: Do Short-Term Watershed Project Successes Lead to Long-Term Continued Success?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 12:00pm

Iowa Learning Farms will host a webinar about a project that assessed the long-term continued success of three different voluntary watershed management approaches. This project, funded by the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, looked at differences in structural practice adoption and through quantitative analysis of practices in the watershed and qualitative assessment of farmers’ attitudes and behaviors toward water quality, conservation and participation in watershed projects.

In order to assess the effectiveness of the three different voluntary watershed management approaches, the team evaluated three sets of comparison HUC 12 watersheds, three HUC 12 watersheds where different watershed projects have been implemented and three nearby HUC 12 watersheds that have not had recent watershed projects.

Through mailed surveys and listening sessions, Jamie Benning and Dr. Jacqueline Comito, both with Conservation Learning Group, listened to farmers and landowners in the three watersheds about their current farming practices. Do these watersheds who were successful in the short-term benefit from a “halo effect” in the long-term? Benning and Comito will also discuss recommendations to improve water quality improvement efforts in Iowa.

To Join: shortly before 12:00 pm: click the link below or type this web address into your internet browser:
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    Dial:  312-626-6799 
    Meeting ID: 364 284 172