Roundleaf Dogwood

Roundleaf Dogwood Cornus RugosaRoundleaf dogwood (Cornus rugosa) is found in northeast Iowa. It is a perennial shrub, grows 3-10 feet tall, has green smooth stems with warts. The flowers are white, 4-parted; inflorescence 1 ½ - 2 ½ inches, branched clusters, and blooms in May-June. The leaves are opposite, stalked, broadly ovate, and pale and softly hairy below, and prefers shaded areas.

Habitat: Found in fertile upland woods and on north facing wooded slopes.

Hardiness: Zones 2 through 5

Growth Rate: Moderate

Mature Shape:

Height: 10 feet

Width: 8-10 feet

Site Requirements: Partial shade to full shade in dry soils to well-drained sandy loam soils

Flowering Dates: May - June

Seed Dispersal Dates: September - October

Seed Bearing Age: 2-6 years

Seed Bearing Frequency: Yearly

Seed Stratification: Prechill at 41°F for 3 months