Tree and Woodland Storm Recovery Resources

The August 10th derecho produced devastating impacts to Iowa’s agriculture, infrastructure, and forest resources. The storm left many folks saying “my forests and trees are severely damaged, what do I do now?”

Often storm damage is far too significant for the individual home or landowner to handle on their own. Certified arborists can help with damaged trees in urban settings. For those that sustained severe damage to rural woodlands, it is highly recommended to work with a professional forester on a recovery strategy. Foresters will ensure you receive maximum value for your storm-damaged timber and that it is harvested safely and sustainably. In addition, they’ll work with you to plan, establish, and maintain the next generation of forest.

Planning for the future is another important part of storm recovery. Healthy resilient trees and woodlands that are properly managed can often withstand storms and recover. Check out our blog post on lessons from the derecho to learn more about how to establish trees that will be better likely to withstand damaging winds. We also have a video on derecho response and recovery for woodlands and windbreaks.