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Wood Processors

Wood processors are a resource for people who have timber to sell, who want logs sawn, or who want to buy logs, lumber, or other wood products. Note: Iowa wood processors range greatly in capacity and services provided. For example, larger wood processors may not accept small volumes of timber to be processed for hobby purposes. Information for additional wood processors can be found in our directory of wood processors. Loggers who buy timber and are not listed on Iowa's Bonded Timber Buyer list are breaking the law.

Hammes Brothers Sawmill Inc.
Jeff Sieren
27254 282nd Ave
Ollie, IA 52576
United States
Services Provided
Grade lumber, pallet lumber, veneer. Will process all tree species.
Services Not Provided
Does not provide custom milling. Does not have a kiln drying service or portable mill.
Kendrick Forest Products
601 S. Washington
Edgewood, IA 52042
United States
Services Not Provided
Does not have a portable mill
Kevin Oetken
10571 18TH AVE
Monmouth, IA 52309
United States
Services Provided
Custom milling, kiln drying, portable mill


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