2023 Spring Watershed Academy Resources, Presentations and Handouts

Full agenda: spring_2023_watershed_academy_agenda.pdf

Laura Meyer, Vice President of Creative Strategies for KR Creative Strategies, presented on a four-part strategy to build connection-based outreach plans. Laura's presentation can be found here: iwa_cornerstonesofconnection_2023_lmeyer.pdf. She also shared a simple outreach plan worksheet that can be filled out depending on the audience you are trying to reach: outreachplanworksheet_blank.docx.

Stefan Gailans, Senior Research Manager for Practical Farmers of Iowa, presented on the agronomics and ecology of extended crop rotations in Iowa. His presentation can be found here: 2023.05.17_watershedacademy_croprotations.pdf.

Lydia English, Field Crops Viability Manager for Practical Farmers of Iowa, presented on opportunites for small grains in Iowa and how farmers are making them work. Her presentation can be found here: 2023_isu_watershed_academy.pdf.

Matt Woods, who manages the Marsden Long Term Rotation Study for Iowa State University, took us outside to discuss the machinery needs of extended crop rotations and showed us a demonstration of spring wheat being planted.

Marshall McDaniel, Associate Professor at Iowa State University, discussed the soil benefits of long-term rotations. His presentation can be found here: watershedacademy_2023_mcdaniel.pdf. Marshall is also the lead investigator for the Marsden Long Term Rotation Study and took us outside to view and discuss the experiment. Marshall discussed several papers that his lab group has published on extended rotations. Some examples can be found below:

Sean McCoy, Environmental Specialist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and Sophia Campbell, Watershed Coordinator for the Yellow River Headwaters in northeast Iowa, presented as part of the Watershed Coordinator Success Panel. Sophia's presentation on how to develop a successful women landowner outreach model can be found here: outreach_strategies_to_women_in_ag_-_sc_5-18-23.pdf

Photos from the event -- (photo credits: Lily Pumphrey and Catherine DeLong)